• Solutions & Applications
  • Smart4k TV Whiteboards
  • HR Labor Law Kiosk
  • TAL Patient Bracelet
  • TAL Cloud Services

Solutions and Applications

Business Standalone and Integration Solution

Smart4k TV Whiteboards

  • Use Smart4k TVs as Whiteboards. 
  • Update the Displays Remotely using Smart Devices
  • Create and Manage your own Content.
  • Use  Apple, Google or Microsoft Office to create content
  • Presentation Template library to get you started.
  • Voice Controls to Change Displayed Presentations
  • Wired or Wireless Installation
  • Low Cost Display Solutions
HR Legal Compliance

Labor Law Kiosk

  • Comply with required government labor posters.
  • Cloud Update service
  • Complete library of all government Notices and Posters
  • Additional Posters – First Aid, Emergency
  • Communication – Chat & eMail
  • Operates online or off-line
  • Extra Posters for First Aid, Emergencies, Wellness, …
Durable & Scanable Id Bracelet

TAL Patient Bracelet

  • Permanent and Adjustable with Locking Snap.
  • Barcode and NFC Scanning Technology
  • Soft Plastic, Waterproof and Anti-Bacterial Bracelet
  • Colored Risk Pins
  • Barcode and Embedded NFC technology
  • NFC Can Store Data written by Smartphone
  •  Optional Emergency TAL Assessment
Bed Occupancy at a Glance

Display4k Bed Board

  • Displays Graphical Bed Census {ADT}
  • Definable Presentation Layouts
  • ADT and EMR Interfaces
  • Updates in Real-Time
  • Voice Commands to change Presentations
  • Alerts on ADT Changes- eMail and SMS
  • Length of Stay Calculated
  • TAL Emergency Integration

Cloud Services

Cloud Service

TAL Emergency Preparedness

  • EMS Access to Transportation Assessment Level
  • Smartphone Access – Tap of NFC  Bracelet
  • View Transportation Information and Equipment list
  • View Destination
  • View Patient’s Location
  • No matching reports to Patients
  • TAL Assessments are stored on Bracelet and Cloud.
  • Family Access to Location Information

SmartTV Network Management

  • Central Access and Control of Display4k TVs
  • Control, Change and Schedule Presentations
  • Display Override to Present Emergency Instructions
  •  Access Smart4k TV Settings and Status
  • Supports Smart Device Access
  • Track SmartTV Assets through all the sites
  • Remote Diagnostics and Lookups
Extent Your System Dashboards

Software Integration Services

Our Products and Services are engineered to be integrated with existing systems. The integration can be performed by your programmers, or we can provide.

Create and Save Reports to your Server and have them displayed on Smart TVs

Add Situational Awareness to your systems without breaking the bank.

Add impact with platform email integration

Constant Contact Connector

  • Constant Contact eMail Marketing Platform
  • Auto-Build and Maintain Your Constant Contacts
  • Synchronize Your Contacts with the Constant Contact  
  • Update your Contacts in one place
  • Use Constant Contact to eMail News or Notices
  • Great for Fund Raising and Newsletter Mailings

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