About Us

  • Situational Awareness Technologies
  • Dashboard Displays & SmartTV Solutions
  • Integrate with our Cloud Services
  • Healthcare TAL Patient Bracelets

Who we are

Senior Software Design Engineers

Our Story

Retour, is a software engineering firm offering low cost, high productivity solutions that are designed to integrate with existing software systems. Our Applications, Cloud Services and Products are engineered to improve data collection, make users aware of critical issues. The solutions can be applied across all businesses to enhance the employee’s Situational Awareness and provide guidance as to what’s next to do.

We’ve developed devices and cloud services that work in conjunction with Android/IOS/Windows based devices and software suites.


Our Vision

Our vision is to deliver Applications, Cloud Services and Wearable Devices that enable users to capture data quickly and to be more aware of “What’s Next” to be done.

The objective is to provide the users with the ability to capture or access information immediately and to use AI to determine what steps remain to be done.

The goal is to improve the organization’s workflows and the quality of the products and services by integrating advanced solutions designed to enhance the workers understanding of what import tasks need to be completed and the priority of those tasks.

Our Mission

Empower employees with the information and guidance tools to assist them in understanding situational needs and access to the information to address those needs. Enhance your your existing systems by adding the capability of presenting the issues, problems and solutions in real-time. using our display applications.

Retour Provides

  • Software updates – Periodic updates to the applications..
  • Installation Assistance– Guidance with the implementation.
  • Technical Support – Phone and email service.
  • Security– OTP and Authentication Functions.
  • API, FTP, HL7, Data Exchange Services– Available for Integration.