Custom Cloud Services

  • Programming Services
  • Custom  Presentations
  • Consolidated Views
  • Integration Services

Programming Services

Our Products and Services can be customized to your specifications. Our development is down using the latest software from Google and Microsoft,

Our developers have employed Agile Software Development methods since 2006 and focus entirely on delivering software that meets clients’ needs, eliminating any unproductive activities in the development process.

We use project management tools that provide complete transparent throughout the development process. Our clients have full visibility of our teams’ work items/tasks, bug tracking, defect correction and project status.

Healthcare Experience

Our executives have over 40 years experience in developing major Accounting and EHR/EMR applications for Healthcare. We have expertise in the needs, requirements and pitfalls of the Healthcare Industry. Our technologies and cloud services are focused on improving the workflow, data capturing processes and situational awareness of the business.

Our experience interfacing software and devices to EMR Systems, enable us to rapidly connect devices and services to existing systems.

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