TAL Emergency Cloud Service

EMS needs immediate access to Patient TAL Assessments to know how and what the patient needs to be evacuated  from the facility.

Planning for Emergencies

In an effort to better protect New Yorkers with limited mobility, the New York State Department of Health instituted the Transportation Assistance Level (TAL) policy in 2016. Under this mandate, all home health care providers were required to determine every patient’s ability to move independently and consider these limitations when building a household’s emergency response plans.

Many states have mandated that nursing homes and home health providers maintain an Emergency Preparedness Plan in the event of an emergency that requires patients to be evacuated from their home. As part of the planning New York State implemented a system that is recognized and used throughout the state employing standardized Transportation Assistance Level (TAL) classifications. Use of the TALs classifications provides a universal tool to rapidly assess and identify home care and hospice patients during a planned evacuation, to ensure that appropriate transportation resources are deployed.

The NYSDOH Home and Community Based Care Program requires the statewide adoption of the TALs categorization system for homecare and hospice patients to standardize and streamline the evacuation process, particularly in a regional or statewide event involving external transportation resources.

TAL Assessments and EMR Integration

You can manually enter the TAL Assessments using your account with our TAL Emergency Cloud Service or the TAL Assessment can e Imported from your EMR. Several method of exchanging the Data is offered.

Once your information is entered, the information is viewable via any Smart device. The information can be written to the TAL Patient BTAL

TAL Patient Bracelet

TAL Patient Bracelets have embedded NFC chips that store the most recent TAL Assessment. Tap the Bracelet with a Smartphone or NFC Reader/Writer and if the Retour Cloud Service has more current TAL data, the bracelet will be updated.

EMS Access and Tracking

Emergency personal can quickly lookup emergency transportation and instructions by tapping the patient’s bracelet with their Smartphones. The color coded TAL Assessment results will display on the screen

Anytime the bracelet is Tapped the Cloud Services records – Who, When and Where this action took place. This provides a detailed log of the patients whereabouts and who was with the. The location of the patient will display with the address and Google Map

Related Product

Durable permanent patient bracelet. Designed to support Barcode and NFC Scanning.

Label is protected by the waterproof transparent cover that is snapped over the label.

NFC Chip can store critical information about the patient 

While designed for tracking the occupancy of the patients, the board has a function that can be used to track the TAL levels and the Evacuation Status of the Residents as they are being evacuated from the premises.

Label is protected by the waterproof transparent cover that is snapped over the label.