Innovative Business Solutions

Create and Update online Content using your online office applications and display the content to a SmartTV. Once you publish the content (function provide in the applications), any changes made to the content immediately updates the SmartTV display. Select from our library of flexible templates or create by your own Templates can be changed on the fly  to accommodate changes in the data that need to be display.

Manage many SmartTVs at different locations or anywhere in the world. Schedule content and presentations, The service allows a user to control display Presentations on each SmartTV, allowing the central office to decide what content displays on which SmartTV. Commision and Decomission SmartTVs as needed. Simple way to control the SmartTVs from your smart devices.

NFC-Tags can be used to tag almost anything. Since the NFC chip is capable of holding data, many fields of relevant data can be stared on the chip.
A SmartPhone application allows the user to read and update the data on the chip. Additionally the user can send change of status messages back to the server to update the in the various application databases that the facility is running.

Cloud Integration Services

You need specific tracking and update fuctions. The Cloud services and Advanced features . This service is designed to manage many SmartTV located at different location anywhere in the world. The service allows a user to control the content & presentations that display on each SmartTV. This allows a central office to decide what content displays on which SmartTV.  Now users can manage their own content and schedules.

HR Labor Law Kiosk - Touch Screen

The Kiosh is an Android Touch screen computer programmed with all the Legal Posters that are required for the organization to post in an accessible area. Based on the location and type of business the appropriate posters are loaded to the kiosk which allows to the kiosk to operate even without and Internet connection. Now it is possible to post all the posters and in all the available languages.

Always be complaint and make all the relevant posters available in a single neat space. No longer need to take up vast wall space to display the required posters.

This service works with a separate subscription to the Constant Contact service. The Connector updates the Constant Contact mailing lists from your Accounting, EMR or Office Applications.

Using APIs the contact data is transferred to Constant Contact lists (subscribers) eliminating the need to update the contact information twice.

Constant Contact is an eMail Marketing platform enabling users to create effective email marketing message campaigns to meet business needs. Frequently used in place of newsletters to keep in contact and news with their subscribers.