Consumer Tagging

  • NFC Identification Technology
  • Cloud Service Tracking
  • Reusable and Rewriteable Data

Tag all your personal items with waterproof fobs containing information on returning the item. The tags have printed QR codes to download the NFC reader program.

Add your name, contact, and medical alert conditions. The information can be read/updated using a Smartphone.

Tag your equipment with NFC Tags, Tags can contain contact, purchase and service information.. Tag your equipment to  track the service schedule and the services performed.

Don;t waste time trying to find the information to repair or service the device..

Advanced medical alert tags  provide visual alert colored icons and contain critical data regarding your medical medical conditions, allergies and medications.

EMS personnel with a Smartphone or Notepad can scan the Tags for the additional information.

The information in your Medical Alert Tag synchronizes with our TAL Cloud Service where several assessment regarding your medical problem is saved.

Tag your pets with a NFC Pet tag, The tag contain information on how to contact the owner and other critical medical and drug information about your pet. The data saved on the NFC chip can be updated via a Smartphone.

The data on the NFC chip can be replace as often as needed. The Tags are reusable and the data on the chip can be updated.