Healthcare Solutions

Technologies for Situational Awareness
Dashboards and SmartTV Solutions that integrate with your
existing software applications and our Cloud Services

TAL Patient Bracelet was developed for long term care facilities to support barcode scanning and avoid the problems on unscann able barcodes due to water damage, Features a Snap-on cover to protect the labels from water and contact damage. No more scan errors and need to replace the bracelet. Soft plastic bracelet is adjustable, reusable and contains anti-bacterial additives

During an emergency evacuation, EMS personnel need access to critical information on the Patient/Resident in order to move and safely relocate them. Time may be of the essence. Now EMS personnel can immediately access this information with their Smartphones by tapping on the TAL Patient or using Smartphone TAL Application. The TAL app is available on the Google Playstore

Retour provides custom services to enhance dashboards with operational and situation awareness. Essentially the screens display What’s Next (to do). Unlike Current Dashboards, these Operational Dashboards focus on what the employee needs to be aware of and the priority of tasks to be performed.

This service requires a separate subscription to the Constant Contact service. This service updates the contact information from your Accounting or EMR Applications. Using APIs the contact information is extracted and transferred to Constant Contact lists (audiences) eliminating the need to update the contact.

Use commercially available Smart TV to create colorful and content rich Electronic Beds Boards.

Predesigned Room-Bed templates are available to control how the data is presented on SmartTV Screen or design your own format. The Color Coded Room-Bed map displays the occupants on a large wide screen 4k SmartTV enabling the Admission staff to determine at a glance, room-bed status.

Room and Patient Tags can be used to tag the status of several features of the patient or the Room.