NFC-Id Tags

NFC (near field communication) is a wireless technology which allows transferring data between two NFC devices. NFC tags contain small microchips with little antennas which can store a small amount of information for transfer to another NFC device, such as a Smartphone.

The NFC Tag consists of three basic components:
1. NFC chip with a small amount of memory
2. An antenna
3. Substrate with holds the chip and antenna together

The NFC chip has a tiny microchip which contains a small amount of memory and the technology to allow it to communicate with an NFC Reader. The antenna is a coil or loop of wire having an etching a fraction of a millimeter thick. The substrate holds the parts together
Seritag are NFC Tags in terms of NFC stickers, labels, inlays or discs. Other NFC items such as wristbands, keyfobs we refer to as NFC products

Federal, State and City Laws require employers to post notices of employment laws and notices in accessible workplaces. In some  instances notices for applicants are required. These notices called posters are frequently changed by the government and must be updated regularly.  With this Kiosk all Posters will be available and updated continuously.

The Labor Law Kiosk is a 24″ touch screen tablet with a full page screen that displays the posters in a page size format. It can be wall mount and used anywhere there is a wireless network is available

Select the SmartTV Board Room-bed layout from several predesigned formats or provide your own format. A color coded Room-Bed map displays the occupants on a large wide screen 4k SmartTV. Determine at a glance, room-bed status via several available indicator flags. Color coding indicates the gender and/or the Room-Bed status. The system can be connected via an HL7 interface to update changes in the patient census in real-time.

Place SmartTV anywhere there is a wireless or Wired Internet connection available. Wired connection is the one recommended.

workers need immediate access to the information. Improve employee productivity by displaying the what’s next information in their immediate view. Well designed Presentations provides immediate display of the critical information that need to be addressed immediately..

Printed barcode labels are placed on the face of the bracelet and a waterproof cover snapped over to protect the label. Any type of barcodes (1D, 2D or QR) can be used and there is space for added information such as room and name.

The bracelet based contains an embedded NFC chip that can be scanned with NFC readers or with a Smartphone.. In addition to scanning the NFC chip and house several hundred characters of information.