NFC Tags

Personal Tags

People often lose major articles of clothing, sports equipment and personal items. Main locations where this is common is schools and summer camp. Tag the clothing and items with our durable waterproof NFC Tags. Record the return information on the Tags with a Smartphone App and attach the Tag in place of a zipper pull. The data can be changed as needed.

The Tags contain a printed QR code that downloads the Reader app when scanned by a Smartphone.



Asset and Equipment Tags

Asset tags are needed for a successful asset management system. NFC tags come in a variety of forms to accommodate most tagging situations. They can be fobs, stickers or embedded into a variety of containers that come with  with stainless steel rings to attached. These labels contain a barcode and equipment ID number, and optionally the company name and logo.

Retour has tags that can accommodate printed barcode labels that are protected by waterproof cover. This type of label supports dual types of scanning. In addtion, data can be written to the NFC chip to better assist in the tracking of the assets.

Used with asset management software, barcode or NFC scanners, you can gather, organize, and maintain a large amount of information about assets or equipment. This information helps you to better manage how your assets are acquired, used, maintained, and disposed.



Medical Alert Tags

Our Medical Alert NFC tags can display your chronic and critical medical conditions, such as Type 2 Diabetes or a congenital heart condition.  This data is housed on the internal NFC chip.

Coupled with the power of a Smartphone the data can be used to read more data that is housed on our MedAlert Cloud Service.

Our MedAlert Cloud Service can access your current medications from Surescripts and display them to the screen of a Smartphone

Access and display your medications. This is a great way to carry all of your medical information on the go.

Pet NFC Tags

Pet frequently get lost and when found need to be identified to be able to return to the owner.

Attach the Tag to your pets collar and the tag contains all the information to return the Pet to you, Additional medical information is available to be able to care for the pet until it is returned.

Once the Pet Tag is scanned you will know immediately who has the pet, where they are located and when the pet was scanned.

The Tags contain a printed QR code that downloads the Reader app when scanned by a Smartphone.