HR Labor Law Kiosk

Federal and state laws require employers to provide notice of employment laws to employees (and in some instances applicants) by posting labor law posters in the workplace.

The Kiosk provides access to all the Federal, State, Local and other critically important posters in several languages.

Labor Law Compliance

Federal, State and City Laws require employers to post notices of employment laws and notices in accessible workplaces. In some  instances notices for applicants are required. These notices called posters are frequently changed by the government and must be updated regularly.  With this Kiosk all Posters will be available and updated continuously.

The Labor Law Kiosk is a 24″ touch screen tablet with a full page screen that displays the posters in a page size format. It can be wall mount and used anywhere there is a wireless network is available

OSHA, FDA, CDC, and DOL Posters

There are specific posters required by the Federal Government agencies depending on the type of business, . Once your business profile is setup, then the corresponding folders and posters activate. 

The relevant posters will be installed for kiosk viewing.

Always Available and Compliant

Once you setup your company and its address, the Kiosk determines all the legal documents and posters that need to be available for employees to view. A cloud service  automatically updates the posters and documents on the Kiosk. Your kiosk is ready to use. 

While the kiosk is controlled by Internet Webservices, the Posters are downloaded and cached on the Kiosk to insure available even if the Internet connection is down.

Government Fines

Companies failing to post appropriate federal and state labor law posters may be subject to citations, fines, penalties, and/or damages from lawsuits. These penalties can go as high as $17,000. Fines vary by agencies

Businesses are encouraged to consult with their Human Resources attorney to determine all the required posting that apply to their business.

Cloud Service Interface - APIs

API calls are available to upload notices and reports to the Kiosk. This provides your organization with a method of uploading any documents you want to be available for your employees. Connect you HR System to the kiosk to extend the access to the HR system.. Any documents that can be generated can be uploaded or accessed from the Kiosk…