Smart4k TV Room Bed Board

  • Replace Whiteboards with Smart4k TVs.
  • Room-Bed/Patient status is displayed
  • Color coded indicators and alert tags.

View Room-Bed Occupancy Graphically

Select the SmartTV Board Room-bed layout from several predesigned formats or provide your own format. A color coded Room-Bed map displays the occupants on a large wide screen 4k SmartTV. Determine at a glance, room-bed status via several available indicator flags. Color coding indicates the gender and/or the Room-Bed status. The system can be connected via an HL7 interface to update changes in the patient census in real-time.

Manage Admissions / Discharges and Transfers

Identify vacant Beds and expected discharges. Easily track Room-Bed availability and available services to provide quick answers for new admissions. Information is updated in Real-Time

Settable Status Tags (Icons or Badges)

Rooms-beds-patients can be Tagged with Badges or colorful icons to indicate their Status and Services available. For example, a room can be tagged “Quarantined” or a Bed tagged: Certified or Decertified. Hundreds of Icons available for Tagging.

Improve Room Housekeeping

When a Patient is discharge the Cleanup Tag is set to alert maintenance and housekeeping, the room and bed need to be cleaned and prepared for the next Admission or Transfer. No need to locate the housekeeping staff, the improved communications reduces the response time by providing a visual of the room-bed status. Multi displays can be shared between the departments

Multiple SmartTVs and PC Support

Control multiple SmartTVs simultaneously to share information throughout the facility. As you change the data in your program, the changes are pushed to the Smart4k TV to update the displayed information.

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