TAL Patient Bracelet

Permanent and Waterproof Bracelet

Supports Barcode and NFC Scanning Technologies

No Batteries required

Barcode and NFC Scanning

Printed barcode labels are placed on the face of the bracelet and a waterproof cover snapped over to protect the label. Any type of barcodes (1D, 2D or QR) can be used and there is space for added information such as room and name.

The bracelet based contains an embedded NFC chip that can be scanned with NFC readers or with a Smartphone.. In addition to scanning the NFC chip and house several hundred characters of information.

Waterproof Label Protection & Comfort

Bracelet band is made from a soft TPU plastic that is gentle on the patient’s skin. The Barcodes and NFC provide for quick scanning for  identification and access to essential medical information. Features a waterproof housing that protects the barcode label from water damage when bathing and washing the patient/resident. 

The design is a life style watch, that is not recognizable as a hospital style patient band. Offering the facility the technology and the patient the comfort of not wearing a hospital band all the time. 

Color-coded Risk Buttons

Small Color Risk Buttons can be inserted into special holes on the bracelet to flag specific conditions that are essential to note. Six holes are located on either side to provide a better view despite the orientation of the wrists. The pins can be removed if needed. The bracelet holes are design so the heads of the pins drop below the surface of the band making it difficult to get anything under the heads to pry out the pins..

Removal Protection

Geriatric patients are known to tamper and play with their bracelets until they are damaged or removed. The TAL Bracelets are secured using a patented Locking Snap which when pressed together mate and lock. To separate the snap requires 35 pounds of force which cannot be exerted by a person’s fingernails. It can be removed with a bandage scissors by cutting the stem. The Bracelet can be reattached using a new pair of snaps.

EMR Integration

The information on the bracelet’s embedded NFC chip can be Integrated with the facility’s EMR. This provide a method for access the patient’s EMR record by scanning the patient  bracelet. and the data saved to the embedded NFC chip. Simply use a NFC-Enabled Smartphone to access/update the chip.  Emergency Data EMR can be extracted and copied to the internal NFC chip to provide Emergency Responders quick reference Critical TAL and Essential Care instructions.


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An embedded NFC chip allows Emergency Transportation Assistance Level Assessment to be written to the embedded NFC chip.  EMT/EMS personnel can access the information using their Smartphones

The Electronic Bed Board can display the status of the patient’s location during an evacuation. Coupled with the TAL Cloud Service that patients are track whenever TAL Bracelet is Read.